On Monday March 14th at 7:00 pm, the Warren Planning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing to receive comments on the final draft of the revisions of the Warren Land Use and Development Regulations [LUDRs].

The LUDRs in their current form were initially adopted in 2001. The town has made a series of minor amendments to the LUDRs over the past 20 years. The 2019 Warren Town Plan recognized that it was time for a comprehensive review and amendment of the LUDRs. The Town Plan identified a need to realign the LUDRs with the town’s planning policies and to address inconsistencies resulting from the many changes that have been made to state statute and programs over the past two decades. There was also a commitment from the PC to improving the clarity of the LUDRs and the town’s development review and permitting processes.

This review and revision to the Zoning Bylaw was recommended in the 2019 Warren Town Plan.

A complete draft of the Warren Land Use and Development Regulations and the proposed Zoning Map are now available for public review.

A list of all of the comments and questions submitted to The Planning Commission through November of 2021 is posted here.

Due to continuing Covid-19 emergency, the Planning Commission has been unable to hold a planned series of public meetings to present the draft regulations to the community, answer questions and receive feedback. Instead, we have created a series of videos and hand-outs so Warren residents, property owners, and business owners can learn about and comment on the proposed regulations remotely.

An introduction by our Chairman

How to Participate

Please note, at this time the comment period on this version of the draft regulations is closed, but that the PC will be inviting and considering another round of public comments during the public hearing to be held in January.

A list of all of the comments and questions submitted to The Planning Commission through November of 2021 is posted here.

We recommend that you follow these steps to familiarize yourself with the proposed regulations:

  1. Take a look at the proposed Zoning Map and find your property or another area in Warren that you are interested in. Each district is shown in a different color as indicated in the key on the bottom of the map.
  2. Watch the brief video for that proposed zoning district. The video presentation provides an overview of the zoning revision project and a summary of the pertinent information for your zoning district. It will help orient you to the proposed regulations and tries to answer what we think will be some of the most frequently asked questions.
  3. Download the handouts for the district(s) you are interested in.
  4. Follow the link to the full draft of the regulations and the large-scale version of the zoning map. You can download those documents as PDFs and comment on the online version.

An overview and comparison of the Residential and Rural districts

Learn about the Forest Recreation District.

What are the plans for the Lincoln Peak area and what are the “Resort Mixed Use” and “Resort Residential” districts?

What is the Warren Conservation District?

Discussion of the General Business District.

An overview of the 3 Historical Village Districts, the Village Commercial,
the Village Mixed-Use and
the Village Residential

Links to district standards

Thoughts on planning for Warren’s future
Comments on proposed LUDR
Please share any comments or concerns you may have concerning the proposed Land Use Development Regulations for the Town of Warren, VT